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Catholic Health + Buffalo Purchasing Initiative

Mission: We are called to reveal the healing love of Jesus to all

Vision: Inspired by faith & committed to excellence, we will lead the transformation of healthcare in our communities

What we do and who we are:

  • 2 Billion Dollar Hospital System located in Western New York
  • 4 Hospitals/5 Campuses
  • 4 Nursing Homes
  • 3 PACE Programs
  • 1 Independent Senior Housing Facility
  • 2 Home Care Agencies
  • 19 Primary Care / ObGyn Centers
  • Retail and Infusion Pharmacy Services
  • 20 Lab Service Centers
  • 3 Wound Centers
  • 7 Imaging Centers
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Centers

Our Market Area:

Catholic Heath's Market Area

What we need from you if you are interested in working with CHS:

  • List of products, goods and services
  • Pricing Structure
  • Business References
  • Top 5 Customers Locally
  • Who are your main contacts for us?
  • Service Line- How could we get ahold of you to place a service call?
  • Account Reps- Would we have our own?
  • Contact CHS

Fostering a Healthy Working Relationship with CHS:

  • Supporting each other through collaboration
    • Win-Win for both parties
  • Open communication
  • Timely responses
  • Commitment to strong ethical practices

Areas of opportunity to work with CHS:

  • Facilities related contacts will be forwarded to Facilities Corporate VP
    • We will request that you are added to their Toolbox of potential contractors
  • Printing related contacts will be forwarded to our Marketing VP
  • Home Care Services will be forwarded to the Homecare Community Based Division
  • Vending and Food Truck Services will be forwarded to the Food Service Committee
  • Environmental Services will go through the Senior Buyer in Purchasing
  • Security would need a system wide Request For Proposal

Purchasing Phone Number: 716-923-2900

Purchasing Email:

Purchasing Department Contacts:

  • Vice President Supply Chain Management
    • Brian Hackford (923-2930)
  • Director of Purchasing
    • Deborah Monaco Wojciechowski (923-2929)
  • Process Improvement Administrator
    • Allison LaManna (923-9663)