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Moog + Buffalo Purchasing Initiative

The Beginning

In July of 1951, Bill Moog, Art Moog, and Lou Geyer pooled $3,000 and opened Moog Valve. They had limited resources, a primitive work facility in the corner of a dirt-floored airplane hangar, only a couple of potential customers, and one great product. Problem solving depended on their two resources: persistence and creativity. For Bill, Art and Lou, the word “can’t” did not exist and they inspired everyone who worked with them to do the same.

The Present

Today, our engineers have developed the capability to design and manufacture the most advanced motion control products for aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications – applications where precise control of velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid flow are critical. Our motion control portfolio has expanded to include all forms of actuation technology, sophisticated control electronics, and system software.

We are a leading integrator of precision motion control systems and our products reflect the culture that our people embrace – a culture where the opportunity to solve a challenging control problem is always welcomed.

The Future

Innovation is how we grow as a company. We are investing in future technologies that we believe will have a great impact in industries from space, defense, aircraft, industrial, medical, and more. We’re leveraging new technologies with our amazing employees to come up with groundbreaking ideas.

You can learn more about Moog by visiting our website.

How to Become a Supplier to Moog

Moog is consistently developing a limited, high performance and diverse supply base that will be able to produce high quality products on-time at a competitive price. Moog is interested in learning about your capabilities and how you will be able to help meet our objectives.

Interested in sharing your capabilities?  Please complete this form.  Your information will be reviewed and where appropriate, forwarded to the responsible Sourcing Team.