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Buffalo Niagara Partnership Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership Diversity and Inclusion Initiative was created to provide businesses with a competitive advantage by fostering a diverse and inclusive business culture. To do so, organizations need tools and resources to strengthen workplace practices.


The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workforce are well known and include enhanced innovation, increased competitive advantage, higher employee engagement and improved talent attraction and retention. However, recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce continues to be a major challenge and priority across the Buffalo Niagara region.

Through its Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership (BNP) has created several programs to support the needs of employers and help them leverage diversity for competitive advantage and promote a workplace culture that values inclusion and engagement.

Additionally, the BNP conducted its second WNY diversity and inclusion community assessment. The first was completed in 2020. The assessments serve as a benchmark to see how WNY companies approach and measure diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Visit the website below to view both reports.

Official Website

Diversity and Inclusion Executive Exchange

Learn more about our small, peer-to-peer, professionally facilitated groups for senior level executives who are actively implementing D&I programs in their organization. Leaders can comfortably meet, share experiences and resolve D&I challenges in a confidential setting.

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Diversity and Inclusion Symposium

This is a well-attended and highly ranked event that happens annually to further D&I learnings and to empower organizations to come together to learn how to start, continue and accelerate D&I efforts. In 2022, more than 800 people registered.

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Diversity & Inclusion Assessment

Online Resource

Minority Business Initiative Fact Sheet