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Employ Buffalo Niagara

Employ Buffalo Niagara was created in partnership with the business community to establish a more inclusive workforce pipeline driven by employer needs.


Employ Buffalo Niagara is the region’s largest employer-led talent initiative that is embedded at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Representing the current interests and needs of large and small businesses, Employ Buffalo Niagara offers multiple workforce development programs to encourage a more inclusive workforce pipeline. In different ways, Employ’s programs all work to create sustainable solutions to barriers to employment, upskilling low-wage earners and preparing job seekers to meet companies’ evolving expectations.

We have highlighted two of the programs below, but please visit the Employ website to learn more about all the efforts underway to support employers in our region.

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Benefits Cliff Calculator

There are thousands of hardworking employees in our community paralyzed by the benefits cliff – or the point at which they will lose necessary public benefits if they take a promotion or raise, which would not replace the value of those benefits. This benefits cliff is holding people back from climbing the ladder to financial independence.

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership and the Atlanta Federal Reserve created the Employ Buffalo Niagara Benefits Cliff Calculator. It’s a free and accessible tool that will do the math to calculate an individual’s benefits cliff. The tool is built using real data from our community. Employers can plug in potential income increases and current benefits to gain a better understanding of how employees and businesses can thrive by mitigating the benefits cliff through changes in policies and practices. Learn more to access the calculator.

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HR Toolkit

Employ Buffalo Niagara’s HR toolkit is a go-to source of vetted HR policies that are designed to retain employees and help them advance. These easy-to-use, interactive tools help employers ensure company practices are followed and that offerings meet employees’ needs as closely as possible.

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The Racial Equity Dividend: Buffalo’s Great Opportunity

The report details what we all stand to gain when we close racial equity gaps in our community.