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Juvenile Justice Works

Juvenile Justice Works focuses on reducing contact with and improving outcomes resulting from juvenile justice systems to advance equitable outcomes for young people.


This coalition of more than 35 partners, including Buffalo Public Schools, Erie County Probation Department and the Buffalo Police Department, completed an action plan in 2021 for our community with the W. Haywood Burns Institute to reduce contact with and improve outcomes resulting from the juvenile justice systems.

Juvenile Justice Works also hosted focus groups with community leaders and youth. The overarching theme from the focus groups was that everyone must participate in order to strengthen community policing.

Additionally, Juvenile Justice Works partnered with five Buffalo Public Schools principals to implement restorative justice programs in the district. While COVID has presented challenges in implementing the program, with schools back in session in 2022, there has been progress, and the hope is to bring more Buffalo Public Schools on board in 2023.


  • BFNC
  • Buffalo City Court
  • Buffalo Police Department
  • Buffalo Public Schools
  • Buffalo Urban League
  • City of Buffalo Youth Services
  • Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
  • DCJS
  • District Parent Coordinating Council
  • Erie County Department of Social Services
  • Erie County District Attorney’s Office
  • Erie County Division of Youth
  • Erie County Family Court
  • Erie County Probation Department
  • Erie County Restorative Justice
  • Families’ Child Advocacy Network
  • Haywood Burns Institute
  • MBK/BMoC Say Yes Buffalo
  • NY Courts
  • Open Buffalo
  • VOICE Buffalo



Burns Institute

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Restorative Justice Tools