Racial Equity Impact Analysis Training

Western New York’s resurgence is a source of pride and promise. But a truly strong region requires that the benefits of this resurgence are enjoyed across the entire population. A growing number of communities are beginning to employ a Racial Equity Impact Analysis in the work of the private sector, government units, and nonprofits to improve the likelihood of a shared prosperity.


The purpose of this training is to introduce you to a user-friendly tool called the Racial Equity Impact Analysis, which has the potential to increase your organization’s mission performance by furthering success across all racial/ethnic groups. The tool makes the concept of racial equity actionable and measureable.

Beyond providing the opportunity to “test-drive” the tool on a concrete issue, the session offers grounding in a shared language that reduces misunderstanding around issues of race as well as background about how our region’s current racial inequities resulted from policy and practice choices that we have the power to change. The session is highly interactive, using small group discussion, videos, and application exercises to engage participants’ knowledge and insights. The trainers draw upon their several decades of experience working with organizations to advance racial equity to offer guidance about what works and answer questions related to your specific responsibilities and concerns.


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