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Increasing Sourcing and Distribution with Beautiful Brains

Beautiful Brains was introduced to the Buffalo Purchasing Initiative (BPI) as an IT consultant and hardware/software provider with connections to medical goods manufacturers. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the surge of demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) found the company in an advantageous position – due to its direct relationships with manufacturers – and able to help fill the local supply gap for goods.

Since 2019, BPI members have spent $5 million with Beautiful Brains, mostly for PPE and medical goods. With revenues increasing 10 times since 2020, Beautiful Brains has grown to become a multimillion-dollar company with clients spanning from across the United States and Canada, attributed in part to relationships with BPI members. The business offering has been revamped to exclusively focus on manufacturing and distributing medical products, disposable food service and hospitality items.

Beautiful Brains has hired four community members over the last year.  While they feel they have built the trust of local purchasing organizations, Beautiful Brains is now working through the challenge of sustaining the relationships and getting long-term commitment to purchase (e.g., via contracts), which is often in conflict with the long-standing contracts purchasers have with large, national distributors. You can get more information about Beautiful Brains here or the Buffalo Purchasing Initiative here.